Settle out of Court with Litigation Solicitors in London

The United Kingdom is known for its impartial judicial system, but there is both a financial and social cost when a civil or criminal lawsuit is filed. Unfortunately, the costs have a negative impact on both sides in the following ways:

Financial Issues

The legal process is very pricey in the United Kingdom, and some of these costs are disproportionate in some areas. Per the Ministry of Justice, up to 36 percent of the adult population in the United Kingdom has small unresolved debt claims, but it would cost a lot of money to resolve them through legal courts. In addition, before the event insurance, after the event insurance and conditional fee agreements are also unappealing because defendants have to pay a majority of all litigation costs.

Also, even if the costs were shifted to the other side, it would not guarantee that they would be 100 percent reimbursed. Why? This is because there are limits on the amount of money the losing party has to pay to the winning team. In the United Kingdom, the side that loses has to pay the winning side’s legal expenses. This is known as cost shifting. This is why some people resolve their legal problems in other ways.

Social Problems

According to the Center for Policy Studies, this side effect of litigation causes many problems. It does things such as hinder innovation, bring about repressive bureaucracy, encourage defensive practices and disrupts professional autonomy. For example, many medical professionals in the United Kingdom don’t perform many new innovative medical procedures because they don’t want to be sued if they don’t succeed. Since everyone is looking to sue, there is no trust in Britain, and what was once considered normal is now perceived to suspicious.

Litigation: Looking Forward

The good thing is that a lot of people are willing to settle their disputes out of court. According to the NHS, 45 percent of the 63,804 lawsuits that were filed between April 2001 and March 2011 were not settled in court. This percentage does not include the 38 percent of cases that were eventually dropped by the claimant.

In Conclusion

When you have suffered a wrong, you have every right to seek legal justice via the court process. But, just understand that there is a cost to pay both socially and financially. Luckily, litigation solicitors in London can settle your legal issues out of court. Contact StrainKeville and find out how it can be done.